Intentional Life Planning during COVID-19 presents its fair share of challenges — really, it’s challenging to plan anything without knowing when or if there will be a vaccine for this coronavirus.

Recently I had an interesting conversation with my friend Norene Gonsiewski, LCSW, who suggested we all ask ourselves:

“How do I want this pandemic to change me?”


Time is our most precious commodity.

We only have so much of it. Sometimes we are given gifts of time, like if:

  • A dinner date falls through.
  • A trip gets canceled.
  • A date stands us up.

You could get disappointed or angry. But let it…

“You have 30 seconds to leave your message, so choose your words wisely.” This was the outgoing voicemail message of my children’s grandfather, Leo, a brilliant professor and writer who lived in San Francisco.

His words were well-chosen: We have only so much time, so we must use it well.

Lee Weinstein

Author of "Write, Open, Act: An Intentional Life Planning Workbook", Lee is a former Nike public relations leader, entrepreneur, and owner of Weinstein PR.

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